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How Hosted VoIP Can Work For Your Business

The goal of ASAP Business Communications is to show you how to acquire new telephones for about the same amount you are paying your current telephone provider. Voice over IP technology is the here and now. Dial tone as you know it has been revolutionized. We can show you how you can converge your office voice and data communications leveraging the internet to save your company money, reducing the cost of your telephone lines and long distance. Technologies are constantly being enhanced. Do not overpay for your office telecom & network solutions.

After evaluating your telephone bill, Team ASAP will find cost saving avenues that will possibly allow you to obtain new telephones for you business for the same cost that you are currently paying for your telecom and networking needs.

Please call us for a 5 minute appointment by phone or in person for a no obligation bill review. In this economy, you owe it to your company and your bottom line to re evaluate the most important part of your business, your Telephones and Communications to the rest of the of all you may qualify for new office telephones in the process.

Traditioanal Telephone Service

For years, the process of providing your employees with telephone equipment and service lines that would enable them to interact with your clients or customers could become tedious and challenging. The task included:

> Deciding how many outside lines you'll need for your business.
> Choose too many lines, and find wasteful expenses on your monthly telephone bill..
> Choose too few lines, and your employees find themselves waiting for an available line and your
inbound customers may hear busy signals.


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Cut Your Phone Bill in Half

Hosted PBX is the wave of the future. Team ASAP specialized in customizing yout special applications. VirtualPBX invented the first VoIP PBX service in 1996, and we've been adding to our service for more than 15 years since then. We have the deepest feature set in the industry, including things that most competitors don't have, like real ACD queuing for improving call routing across departments; on-demand call recording; custom music and information on hold for every part of the phone system; the ability to handle multiple businesses from one system; and much, much more.

A VoIP business phone system from Virtual PBX is even better — we include all the features and capabilities we’ve developed over all those years added even more. With our VoIP business phone solutions, you can direct dial or transfer calls to other users in any location, no matter what type of phone they’re using. And our VoIP solutions don’t require VoIP for every user. You can mix and match VoIP phones, softphones, analog phones, mobile phones and even satellite phones. In fact we go so far as to provide hosted PBX solutions that don’t use VoIP phones at all — we use VoIP in the background to save you money, but your employees can all use other types of phones.

Our goal with our hosted PBX is to provide three key things:


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