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  What We Do:

24 Hour Emergency Service
Team ASAP expert technician support staff will come to your place of business and fix any problem you're experiencing. From the simplest cabling run to the most advanced networking configuration - we'll exceed your expectations, on time and under budget.

Business Telephone Systems
At ASAP, we have multiple business telephone systems available to accommodate a few employees in a single location to hundreds of employees across multiple locations.Traditional TDM systems and Cloud based VoIP PBX solutions.

Data Networking
Complete end-to-end data networking services to keep your business connected. From structured cabling solutions, switching solutions, wireless solutions, and management solutions... ASAP will keep your business safe and secure.

Hosted VoIP Solutions
Let's face it, with all you have to do as a business owner and operator, the last thing you need is a complicated phone system.

That's why, at ASAP Business Communications, we make it easy.

Simple phone systems, with simple set-up. So you don't have to waste precious hours pouring over manuals, or going through trial and error to get your system working.

In fact, it's our belief that once you set up an ASAP Phones system, you shouldn't think twice about it...because it will just work.

ASAP Phones IP units come plug-and-ready, which means that you only need to provide them with Internet access and they are ready to use. No muss, no fuss, as simple as turning on a faucet.

  Who We Serve:

"With my original phone company, I was paying almost $600.00 per month for my telephone service. I contacted ASAP and joined their VoIP phone service. Now I'm paying less than $100.00 for the same number of phone lines, and I get even better service! I'm so thankful to ASAP. The quality is great and the features are amazing! Thank you ASAP!"
Jorge Ventura – Ventura Graphix, Antelope Valley, CA

"I moved my business away from a Verzion serviced area to an AT&T serviced area and was told by Verizon that I could not move my business telephone number to my new location. They said it was because my new location is serviceable only to AT&T customers. I've had this number for years, and all of my advertisement and customers use and recognize this number as part of our brand. Because of this, I was forced to continue to pay for Verizon services just to forward calls to my new location. I got in contact with ASAP and explained the issue. Right away they were able to not only solve all of my problems, but they also saved me a lot of money! Thank you ASAP!"
M.H. Palmdale, CA

"My Non Profit Organization needed help. Our phone bill was just too expensive. We needed many services including Long Distance calls, Fax, Voice Mail and Internet access, and we were drowning in a sea of phone bills! I called ASAP and they immediately got to work installing their VoIP solution. I couldn't be happier! Now I experience crystal clear phone calls, have Unlimited Long Distance calls, and my phone bill was cut by over 70%! Thank You ASAP!"
C.S. Lancaster, CA

"My Business has offices in 5 different locations in 5 different cities. I needed an easier way for my employees to communicate across these locations without it costing me an arm and a leg. I was recommended to call ASAP Business Communications, and learned their services can do just that. I immediately became a customer and just as advertised, their Voice Over IP Solution has allowed us to provide better customer service, all at a cheaper rate then I was already paying. Thank You ASAP!"
F.R. Burbank, CA

"ASAP showed us how their services could be used to connect our offices in Calabasas, Westlake Village, Miami, and Panama City to one another. The process couldn't be simplier, with calls between employees being made by just the touch of a button. Now my employees have an easy way to communicate with each other. Thank You ASAP!"
F.T. Westlake Village, CA