ASAP Company Profile

After many years in the telecommunications industry, the founders of ASAP Business Communications chose Antelope Valley as its Corporate headquarters in 2001. Although our customer base extends through out California and beyond, it is our dedication to all our customers that make us unique. In a short time Arson to over BOO customers and provide services for over 90 products. With an emphasis on customer service, our factory honed technical staff, as well as our administration department, continua to rededicate themselves in serving our customers. Our premise is simple. Treat each customer as if he/she were our best friend. Leave the customer with the feeling that he/she received more than what was expected. Provide a qualty of service that is unsurpassed. From Business Telephone systems to Voice mail applications from Data networks and beyond, ASAP is your first choice.

ASAP Mission

To continue to provide outstanding services and products to our customers, helping their businesses to grow and prosper by exceeding their expectations and make new friends in the process.


A strong strategy-supportive culture, which will nurture and motivate employees, has been chosen by ASAP Business Communications to provide structure, standards, and a value system in which to operate. Employee identification with the company's vision is impressed upon each employee, as well as performance targets and the overall strategy of the company. The culture is one that encourages each employee to take on the vision of the company; that supports them to do their jobs competently and enthusiastically; and that upholds the execution of the company's strategy.